Add meaning and fun to your future years

A happy life is one with meaning, accomplishment, and engagement. Here’s how can you integrate your interests, hobbies, and passions into a purposeful and fun retirement.

Interpreting your results

The basis of this assessment uses a career-interest theory created by American psychologist and former Johns Hopkins University professor John Holland (1919–2008). He published his first paper on occupational theory in 1958, and now his work is the basis of dozens of career-interest surveys and is currently being used by the U.S. Department of Labor on their online database.

The Holland system divides people and jobs into six basic types, arranged in a hexagon with each of the types on a point of the hexagon. The types that are adjacent on the hexagon are more similar to each other than the types on the opposite sides of the hexagon.

Your results

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You are the person who likes to solve problems to organize data or things. You tend to gravitate toward jobs where attention to detail and organization are valued. You like being in the background making sure the logistics are completed without much fanfare. You tend to be in jobs such as banking, accounting, bookkeeping, programming, and other detail-oriented jobs. In retirement, you may want to expand to other areas of interest that you haven’t been able to express in your career life, and you may want to apply those same skills to volunteer opportunities. Below are activities, jobs, or volunteer opportunities you might enjoy.

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A future with purpose

Your dream for the future is shaped by many factors. Be sure to consider your passions when exploring your path to retirement.

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